AWEA Comments on New PJM Fuel Security Study

02 Nov 2018

PJM, the nation’s largest power grid operator, issued a new study this morning analyzing fuel supply resilience on their system. Amy Farrell, the American Wind Energy Association’s (AWEA) Senior Vice President for Government and Public Affairs made the following comment.

“Energy regulators and grid operators confirm the reliability and resilience of the U.S. power system, and today PJM reinforced there is no emergency. PJM is right to focus on market-based solutions for future challenges, but they should not presuppose a fuel supply solution when other options such as transmission enhancement exist. PJM should focus on valuing grid services that keep the lights on, letting any and all technologies compete to provide those services in the market. This will give consumers what they really care about, a reliable and resilient electricity supply at the lowest possible cost."

American Wind Energy Association |