Forum Neue Energiewelt: Winded by the Energy Transition?

30 Oct 2018

Falling prices for solar power, initial plans for the fossil fuel phase-out, a buffeted wind industry — we are seeing tumultuous developments in renewable energy, for better or for worse. Which business models have proven successful? What developments do industry experts expect in the short to intermediate term? These questions will be answered at the 19th Forum Neue Energiewelt in Berlin from 22–23 November.

“In the past year, we have seen many developments which have turned our energy world upside down — the acquisition of Innogy, the competition between mono and poly modules and the newest outcomes of tenders in the wind and solar industries are just a few examples,” says Tina Barroso, Director of the Berlin office of Conexio GmbH, the Forum’s organiser. Many companies are finding themselves confronted with new market situations which they first of all need to adapt to. “The disruption doesn’t always come from where we expect it to. We have to actively take part in shaping this change now and not run to catch up later,” Barroso adds.

The Forum Neue Energiewelt brings key players from politics, big companies and startups together in one place. During the two-day conference, the energy world’s newest developments and the concrete, practical consequences they have will be discussed, tried and tested solutions will be introduced and new business models will be presented. 

Action instead of reaction

At sessions such as “Energy Transition Made Easy” or “Blazing the Energy Transition Trail”, strong-minded speakers will introduce their solutions, for example the decarbonisation of a paper mill or utilising exhaust heat from computer centres. Visitors are expressly invited to contribute their own input to the discussion. “We don’t shy away from controversy. On the contrary: that is what really takes us forward,” Barroso says. “If they don’t want to be bowled over by developments, the decision-makers of the energy transition have to step up and help actively shape the energy future.”

Exclusive panels of politicians and CEOs offer an overview of how executives and decision-makers view current challenges, and visitors can find inspiration at the exhibitors’ elevator pitches. As always, there will be enough time in the evening and during the breaks to catch your breath and chat with the other visitors and speakers at the Forum Neue Energiewelt. 
The Forum Neue Energiewelt 2018 will take place on 22 and 23 November at the Maritim proArte Hotel (Friedrichstraße 151, 10117 Berlin). 

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