Frost & Sullivan Presents VARTA with the “Product Line Strategy Leadership Award 2018”

08 Oct 2018

Market research and consulting company Frost & Sullivan presented VARTA Storage with this year’s “Product Line Strategy Leadership Award” during a ceremony in London on October 4, 2018. As he handed over the “Best Practices Awards”, David Frigstad, Chairman of the international strategic consulting company, highlighted how VARTA Storage has based its product development strategy on its technical expertise, leveraging its know-how to significantly bolster its position in a highly competitive market: “The company has demonstrated a singularly impressive strategy centered on making energy storage systems genuinely intelligent.” Following the analyses that had been carried out, Frigstad was delighted “to acknowledge VARTA Storage as a leading player in product line strategies for energy storage systems.” 

Each year, the consulting company presents the award for “Product Line Strategy Leadership” to a company that has demonstrated a special understanding of its customers’ needs and their product requirements. The winning company has optimized its product range by customizing its products precisely to the requirements in its market. The assessment examines factors such as price, performance and range of functions. 

“We are very honored to have been given this award. It is another endorsement of our strategy for energy storage systems, which we have pursued consistently since VARTA Storage was established in 2012,” emphasized Herbert Schein, CEO of VARTA AG, at the awards ceremony. The balanced product portfolio ranges from high-performance wall-mounted storage units for the home to flexible large-scale storage systems. One of the top priorities is to offer customers a complete, clearly structured range. The energy storage products are modular and scalable and offer features and functions for a huge range of customer requirements. 

VARTA Storage sees itself as a visionary on the market for household storage systems and therefore pools its battery expertise for the entire value creation chain to integrate batteries, high-performance electronics and energy management systems into one powerful storage system. “We are a pioneer in the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries and scale this technology to create an innovative energy storage system, offering 10,000 cycles with a ten-year guarantee, which is more than any of our competitors,” declared Schein.