EnSync Energy Announces Sale of Solar-Plus-Storage PPA with Kona Brewing

04 Oct 2018

EnSync, Inc. (NYSE American: ESNC), dba EnSync Energy Systems, which is creating the future of electricity with innovative residential and commercial distributed energy resource (DER) systems and Internet of Energy (IOE) control platforms, announced the sale of a 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with Kona Brewing Company to an undisclosed investor. The agreement will finance a solar-plus-energy storage system at the beer company's new brewery in Kailua Kona, Hawaii. Construction will be completed early next year.

Projected to meet one-quarter of the brewery's electricity needs, the installation will consist of a 336-kilowatt (kW) roof-mounted photovoltaic system and an EnSync DER SuperModule™ that contains a 122 kW-hour battery system to capture and store excess solar energy generation. The project also includes the Matrix™ Energy Management system, which uses DER FlexTM IoE technology to find and deliver the lowest-cost, most reliable electricity from multiple sources. Kona Brewing expects to produce a peak output of 6,875 cans of sun-powered beer per hour with the new system.

EnSync Energy's tailored project development and financing support enables investors and local energy consumers to commit to clean energy cost savings while furthering Hawaii's state goal to achieve 100 percent renewable energy by 2045. EnSync Energy has contracted 27 commercial projects in Hawaii, which will account for more than $42.8 million in electricity sales over the terms of the agreements.

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