Silfab Solar Extends Product Warranty to 25 Years, Power Output to 30 Years

03 Oct 2018

Silfab is pleased to announce that we are extending our product workmanship warranty to 25 years and our power output guarantee to 30 years at no additional cost. The doubling of the current warranty period has been enabled by recent favorable product testing results combined with more than 30 years of actual module performance which have confirmed that Silfab Solar modules can continue to produce maximum power and remain free of defects for decades. 

The new warranty period covers Silfab’s popular SLA and SLG series modules manufactured after January 1, 2018 subject to qualification and registration at

This comprehensive, industry-leading warranty will allow Silfab installers to provide peace of mind to their customers knowing that a long-standing, North American manufacturer is backing their products for decades to come. Coupling this warranty piece with the expansion of US-based manufacturing and commitment to advancing power densities through back-contact technologies, Silfab continues to strengthen its position as the leading North American module manufacturer.

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