Enfield’s Preferred Display Gets an Energy-Efficient Makeover

01 Oct 2018

Preferred Display, Inc. recently completed a makeover of its new 160,000 square-foot, 1960s-era facility in Enfield. The company, which produces displays for more than 40 prestige cosmetic brands, teamed up with Eversource to save on energy costs while upgrading its manufacturing equipment, building systems and lighting.

When a fire destroyed its Glastonbury facility in November 2015, the company continued operations in two locations, but was constrained by space. It set out to find a new location to meet its requirements including a showroom and manufacturing space that was clean and quiet, and a venue that would provide room to grow.

“Originally, Preferred Display was focused on just efficient lighting,” said Eversource Energy Efficiency spokesman Enoch Lenge. “However, we identified additional electric and gas efficiency opportunities and equipment that would allow the company to customize the space to meet their current and future business and manufacturing needs.”

Ron Rousseau, vice president of Preferred Display, found a building in Enfield that had the needed size, but was built in 1960, had been vacant for about 10 years and was showing its age.

“Since the building was empty it was a one-shot opportunity to build out the space the right way, and we knew we had to take it,” said Rousseau. “Our new space is cleaner, brighter, more energy efficient, and quieter in every way. It’s a better place to come to work in the morning and our employees love it.”

Preferred Display worked with Eversource and its partner, Loureiro Engineering Associates Inc. to assess the project including the office, showroom and manufacturing areas, looking at everything from heating and lighting to motor controls, equipment and ventilation. The office, showroom and manufacturing space each have varying use patterns and lighting requirements. The manufacturing process uses computer-controlled machine tools, dust extractors, air compressors, vacuum machines, and refrigerated air dryers that consume energy and generate noise and heat.

“While it seemed intimidating at first, the help available along the way was the driving force that allowed us to complete this massive undertaking,” said Rousseau.

The project included a high-efficiency air compressor and dryer to support the production floor. Around the compressor, the team designed a system that captures and uses the waste heat in the facility in the colder months, and expels the heat outside during warmer seasons.

A comprehensive lighting system was installed and includes computer controls and motion sensors that adapt to changes in production schedules and building use.

“The best part of this project is that Preferred Display was open to a holistic approach,” added Lenge. “They used this opportunity to make this facility a gem in terms of operation and appearance, with highly efficient equipment.” 

Eversource-authorized contractor Beacon Electric installed the upgrades. Preferred Display energy efficiency upgrades will save the company more than $650,000 in energy costs over the next 10 years and represents nearly 3,900 tons of avoided CO2 emissions, the equivalent of taking approximately 870 cars off the road for a year. 

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