Battery Streak Moves Closer to a 5-Minute, 80% Battery State-of-Charge

12 Sep 2018

Battery Streak, which has created ultra-fast lithium ion battery charging technology, received its second round of venture capital funding from Act One Ventures and company management. The Los Angeles-based venture capital firm invests in scientific research that is ready to make the move out of the lab. 

"The time is right to transition from research to reality," says Sarah Tolbert, UCLA professor and Battery Streak co-founder along with Dr. Bruce Dunn. "Because of Act One, we are taking our research from an academic idea to something that will actually impact the world.” 

Battery Streak, based in Thousand Oaks, California, is currently developing prototype batteries and expects to release samples for customer evaluation in Q4 2018. ""Battery Streak has met its target milestone of 80 percent charge in less than 5 minutes with coin cells," says David Grant, Battery Streak CEO. "The new round of funding will support the development of larger cells and production of more demonstration batteries for customer evaluation." 

“Batteries are critical part of our lives now and it is time they improved," says Michael Silton, managing director at Act One Ventures. "We are excited to be funding this breakthrough technology from the laboratories of UCLA. “ 

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