Wind turbine blade management program

15 Sep 2018

BladeEdge’s Inspect wind turbine Blade Management Program (BMP) uses drone and sensor platforms to complete expertly piloted UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) blade inspections. BladeEdge’s in-house flight team and regional partners throughout the U.S. are trained and certified to use the BladeEdge Capture Assistance Tool (BECAT) to capture a complete data set in the field. BECAT also packages the imagery for processing by BladeEdge , saving time and eliminating the opportunity for human error. Once the inspection is complete, the data is processed by BladeEdge’s sophisticated image treatment process and deep learning algorithms. This gives their clients access to a complete, close-up image of their infrastructure highlighting areas of damage or concern. BladeEdge was designed with tolerance for sub-optimal weather conditions, and edge and anomaly detection capabilities can be used to analyze any type of composite blade. Each time data is collected, BladeEdge  software further trains itself to recognize damage and wear. All the data available through the BladeEdge platform can be put to work. Complete, close-up imagery of all blades can inform asset management planning and inspection organization. In addition, historical inspection data can be compared with current imagery to track wear patterns on blades. Over time, BladeEdge’s predictive modeling will provide the wind industry with a better understanding how blades age. This will allow owners and operators to develop proactive maintenance plans that will extend the life of infrastructure and increase annual energy production.

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