Solar powered beacon

15 Sep 2018


Larson Electronics LLC’s SPLED-CL1B-MOD1 is a 14.4W solar powered LED strobe light, powered by two 8aH lead acid batteries automatically recharged in 5 hours by a 30W solar panel. The LED lamp features 30 different strobing flash patterns that can be seen for more than one mile, and comes in amber, white, blue, green, or red colors. The beacon can receive a remote 24VDC signal for operation and is equipped with a 10ft whip with a blunt-cut end for operators to send the signal to. The LED beacon is constructed of a waterproof black powder coated die cast base containing a fully potted circuit board. Protecting the LEDs is a shock resistant polycarbonate lens. The solar panel is weatherproof to protect against harsh outdoor conditions. The SPLED-CL1B-MOD1 beacon comes with a choice of three mount styles: a 100lb magnet for temporary mounting, a 1” NPT pipe mount, and a surface mount. The solar panel is configured to operate 24/7 day/night with photocell, includes a motion sensor for security purposes, an on/off switch for manual operation, or flying leads for operators to connect their own switches. The day/night motion sensor is programmed to activate the solar panel in the evening and shut it off during the day, and will activate the panel when movement within range is detected. The SPLED-CL1B-MOD1 solar powered Class I LED beacon can be customized to fit operator’s requirements, including larger battery sizes, different lights, additional mounting options, and cord length options.


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