Solar generator for remote locations

15 Sep 2018

Larson Electronics has released a skid mounted solar generator for locations without access to reliable grid power. This solar powered generator is a solution for outdoor work sites, emergency camps, military bases, construction sites, and more. The SPGSM-53K-24X250AH-LFP4-240V generator features twenty 265W solar panels, one solar charge controller, and component control center to monitor battery voltage. The twenty solar panels generate 5.3kW and deliver 240VAC single phase output via an inverter to operate 240V equipment. The panels are attached to a galvanized steel frame which is tilted at a 45º angle to capture the maximum amount of sun. The twenty panels are wired to the solar charger control box which features a single lever action cut-off switch. Advanced cooling capability and additional air flow from a 1400 CFM exhaust helps keep this system cool, so it can operate well in hot environments.

The component control center protects all electrical components in a lockable NEMA 3R job box bolted to the skid mount trailer, which automatically cools when ambient temperature exceeds 90ºF. A terminal block allows users to mount additional electronic gear without disrupting other equipment. A min/max voltage sensor system is also integrated to ensure 50% threshold on the batteries is maintained, and automatically shuts off power when capacity falls below. The skid pockets make transportation easy, especially on sites where the generator needs to be towed around.

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