Whisper-quiet residential air filter

15 Sep 2018

Announcing the introduction of the Swiffer Continuous Clean Air Cleaning System, specifically designed to help keep room surfaces cleaner 2x longer. The new Swiffer Continuous Clean continuously circulates the air in a room and uses a patented triple layer filter to Trap & Lock dirt, dust and dander* before settling on furniture and floors, so users can go longer between cleanings. It is recommended the filter be changed approximately every 30 days to maximize the efficiency of the system. To help consumers remember to change their filter, white indicator lines are woven into the filter and will appear when it is time to change the filter. With a whisper-quiet operation that allows for all day use, the Swiffer Continuous Clean is a solution for living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and nurseries. In a recent consumer survey, the two most common consumer complaints regarding air cleaning systems are the loud noise associated with the device and the cost to operate. With these findings in mind, the team behind the Swiffer Continuous Clean developed a whisper-quiet cleaner that operates in near silence for all day use. And outfitted the device with a motor that uses just 3.5W daily, making the cost of running the system less than $0.02 per day, or less than the cost to run a standard nightlight.  

Swiffer | http://www.swiffercontinuousclean.com 

* Inanimate allergens from dust matter and pet dander