An alternative to thermode soldering

15 Sep 2018

Eutect GmbH’s laser knife takes soldering of flexible foils, cable strands and ribbon cables to a new level. The laser knife, which has the same process target as thermode soldering, consists of a path-controlled hold-down device that joins the two surfaces to be soldered in a defined manner, and a laser. The temperature input is thus implemented contactless via the laser beam. The temperature-controlled laser is equipped with an integrated pyrometer and a camera, guaranteeing maximum process stability, quality, and traceability for the user. Depending on the component, the laser knife is 10x faster than the current thermode, and achieves a 70% reduction of the energy requirement. An additional benefit is no product-specific thermode moulds and Kapton tapes are required. As surface soldering is contactless and thermode wear no longer an issue, the maintenance and service effort for the entire module is reduced.