Kailo Energy Acquired by ClearFoundation

10 Aug 2018

ClearFoundation announced that it has acquired KAILO Energy from Global Unicorn Holdings (OTC Pink:GUHI).

As a result of the acquisition, ClearFoundation will be able to deliver reliable backup power to ClearFoundation's server-related projects and aid in its long-term vision surrounding independent decentralized power and storage and the tokenization of natural and renewable energies on a Blockchain. 

KAILO Energy's flagship product is the PowerBox, a portable battery backup system that allows customers to deliver electricity to essential circuits in their home, business or datacenter if they lose electrical power. {NOTE: The founders of KAILO Energy were among the first employees at Goal Zero where they helped launch the portable and solar power-backed battery industry.}

"We’re extremely pleased to complete this acquisition with Global Unicorn Holdings as it enables ClearFoundation to add a key component to our customer offerings,” said Michael Proper, ClearFoundation Chairman. “KAILO Energy has built a unique ability to aggregate multiple sources of energy into one integrated power backup system through a feature called Multi-Power. Together with KAILO we will further develop technologies for future ClearEnergy offerings including a system to truly tokenize energies through the use of a Blockchain-based ecosystem.”

ClearFoundation also announced the launch of a new entity named ClearEnergy. ClearFoundation and KAILO Energy solutions will be united under the ClearEnergy umbrella moving forward. ClearFoundation's commercialization partner, ClearCenter, will be the retail entity selling ClearEnergy products moving forward.

In addition to the current PowerBox line of products (now named ClearPOWER), ClearEnergy plans to develop a new line of unified ClearPOWER products for homes, businesses and datacenters that will include the next generation of battery-backed power management, home/business unified power solutions, and will allow for the future tokenization of renewable and natural energies backed by ClearFoundation's CLEAR Token.

"Our goals at KAILO Energy line-up perfectly with ClearFoundation's vision for the future of energy creation, energy storage, and the responsibly deployed future of decentralized energy," said Ryan D. Shepherd, CEO of KAILO Energy. "We're excited for the future of ClearEnergy and the great benefits it will soon bring to people all over the world."


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