Illinois Solar Energy Association Launches Tools to Help Communities Understand Solar Farms

31 Jul 2018

The Illinois Solar Energy Association (ISEA) has launched new educational tools to promote the public's understanding of the community solar projects that are being developed across the state.

ISEA's new tools include a website,, that provides a close-up look at an operating Illinois solar farm and a frequently asked questions resource and fact sheet covering topics such as economic impacts, solar farm decommissioning and property values. The website and FAQ are new resources in ISEA's ongoing effort to educate the public, elected officials and members of the media on solar energy.  

Community solar projects are generating strong interest from consumers across Illinois. Under Illinois' new community solar program, individuals will be able to lower their electric bills by subscribing to purchase a portion of the electricity from a solar farm. Subscribers will receive credits on their electricity bills for the electricity produced by the solar project.

"There is a groundswell of interest in community solar across Illinois, and we're working to help the people understand what these projects look like, how they work and how they benefit the public," said Lesley McCain, ISEA's executive director. "While the solar industry works to bring new jobs and clean energy to Illinois, we're also making sure to listen to the public, answer questions and develop projects responsibly."

Solar has been accelerating in Illinois in recent years, creating jobs, economic activity and tax revenues for local communities. The industry expects to install up to 2,000 MW of ground-mounted solar farms by 2021, which will create thousands of new construction and operations jobs and a total of $250 million to $350 million in property tax revenue over a 25-year lifespan. Under Illinois' funding formula, approximately 70 percent of the tax revenue will be dedicated to funding schools. 

ISEA's statewide membership includes experts on solar energy development, policy and technology. The organization will continue to expand its informational resources as it works to promote solar energy through education and advocacy. 

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