Solar Bankers and GLBrain Partner to Take the Next Step on Transactive Energy and Blockchain-Based Social Networks

16 Jul 2018

The renewable energy and blockchain company Solar Bankers has joined forces with the internet company GLBrain (Dubai), to create an ecosystem of online marketplaces based on blockchain. Solar Bankers, a producer of high-efficiency solar modules using a patented nanostructured holographic foil, is known for developing a solution for rural electrification based on decentralised P2P energy trading networks using the Sky Fiber blockchain technology.

GLBrain operates on a statistical, chain-coded relational database that makes it possible to run all the functions of a social network and an online marketplace while simultaneously giving users complete control over their data.

Both companies have a strong focus on promoting rural entrepreneurship in developing countries. GLBrain is already heavily involved in various projects in India, helping women entrepreneurs with education, networking and creating local online marketplaces for their communities.

Solar Bankers plans to run its mechanism for exchanging electricity between households in its transactive energy networks through the marketplace interface of the GLBrain platform. Hence energy trading in a Solar Bankers network will be supported by an established and fully developed online platform with integrated payment system and high data security oriented towards the direct P2P communication between users. The two companies plan to expand GLBrain's team of programmers located in Belgrade, Serbia, to promote the further development of Sky Fiber smart contracts, which both companies seek to fully integrate into their platforms.

Solar Bankers CEO Alfred Jost has stated: "We were recently given the chance to present our concept to the Club of Rome and the UN. We are also working on a framework for local blockchain-based parallel currencies using earmarked digital tokens to reduce the damaging effects of corruption on development aid. The partnership with GLBrain offers all technical features needed for such a project, as it is programmed on a geographical basis and thus can be tailored to the very specific needs of any country or community."

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