The Solar Consumer Protection Agency Partners with New Jersey Consumer Law

12 Jul 2018

The Solar Consumer Protection Agency has announced its cooperative effort with the Lueddeke Law Firm that can be found at The Lueddeke Law Firm specializes in consumer law protection and consumer fraud. Side by side the new collaboration looks to find remedies for customers who have been affected by solar deceptions. "What we have uncovered is that Homeowners are being preyed upon by dishonest solar companies. What they have done and continue to do is completely unethical. It's time for someone to speak up for the victims and get them the restitution they deserve," said Keith Finkel, Co-Founder of the SCPA.

The SCPA recently announced their effort to keep homeowners protected from solar companies that use predatory methods to sign up and deceive homeowners. Now the SCPA combined with the Lueddeke Law Firm are poised to assist homeowners with the legal recourse they are entitled to.  "We want to fight for homeowners who didn't know what they were signing up for. Being deceived and stuck with a bad deal for 25 years with no one advocating for them is unfair. That's no longer the case and where we come in," Keith Finkel continued. 

The SCPA is continuing to build alliances nationwide with like-minded companies. To find out more information please visit

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