Digital technologies to maximize renewable penetration

15 Jul 2018

Wind operators can ensure stability and reliability, improve system performance, and optimize decision making for their systems using ABB’s digital portfolio. These solutions offer a unified, full-spectrum approach to the digitalization of the industry from individual devices to integrated solutions for the wind industry. New technologies extend well beyond wind turbines, including control systems, maintenance, analytics, grid connections, and an electrical integration of power storage and distribution equipment in an e-house, that can be deployed by developers and operators to maximize penetration and use of wind energy. From the control of wind farms to advanced diagnostics that prevent unplanned downtime, ABB Ability based digital solutions include a range of real-time network control, asset management, and portfolio planning solutions that maximize profitability and operate safely by monitoring, operating, controlling, and maintaining mission critical wind investments. Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM) solutions can provide increased asset utilization and productivity, as well as reduce operating costs. Network Manager Generation Management System (GMS) centralizes wind turbine management as a singular system to monitor, control, and analyze the wind farm portfolio regardless of model or brand. ABB Ability Ellipse connected asset life cycle management (CALM) solution enables wind operators and utilities to optimize asset utilization, drive down maintenance costs and reduce equipment failures and system outages.