Wind turbine blade protection

15 Jul 2018

ALEXIT BladeRep LEP 10 is designed to provide protection for the leading edge areas of wind turbine blades from damages caused by rain and particle erosion. This improved product comes in an easy to use two-chamber cartridge allowing for a fast and direct application for simplified on-site repairs. LEP 10 provides benefits including, erosion protection in a single layer, meets or exceeds typical industry standards, user-friendly packaging plus application set for easy handling during on-site repairs, and wide application window allowing all-season repair work. For Mankiewicz and their in-house R&D team, coatings innovations never cease and product improvements are continually introduced to provide protection and durability while offering a simplified application process. The new ALEXIT BladeRep Profile Filler 5 and LEP 10 represent the next evolution in wind turbine coating systems.

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