One-size-fits-all racking solution

15 Jul 2018

The new EcoX Universal Rail-Less Racking System fits any module thickness from 32mm to 46mm using a single size for each core component. EcoX Universal builds on Ecolibrium Solar’s EcoX Rail-Less Racking, with more than 500MW installed. The new single-size core components simplify solar installation even further, providing quick, pre-assembled parts that streamline the install process. Installers no longer need multiple racking SKUs to handle different module frame thicknesses, eliminating excessive inventory and streamlining transportation and storage. Project speed is accelerated due to 33% fewer penetrations than a rail-based system, the elimination of awkward rails, easy wire management, and the elimination of rough inspections. An extensive list of UL2703 certified modules makes the inspection process go smoothly and quickly. EcoX Universal works on all roof types: composite, tile, metal, and low slope.

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