Ultra-wide and ultra-high input voltage series

15 Jul 2018

MORNSUN recently introduced 200W PV200-29Bxx series which has an input voltage of 300-1500VDC to further meet customer demand of ultra-wide and ultra-high input voltage in new energy systems. They can be widely used in photovoltaic power generation, energy storage BMS, high voltage inverter, and other industries. PV200-29Bxx series also provides power up to 200W to meet higher demands for high-power power supply in ultra-wide and ultra-high input voltage application, and high efficiency up to 87%, low power consumption and more energy-saving. PV200-29Bxx series have input under-voltage protection to avoid frequent restart of system to maintain the system’s stability. Offering MTBF over 300,000h, they have reverse input voltage protection, output short circuit, over-current and over-voltage protection. These protections greatly reduce the probability of failure of the power supply itself while greatly enhance the safety performance of the module power supply and the load under abnormal working conditions. PV200-29Bxx series meet UL174, CSA-C22.2 No.107.1, and EN62109 standards (pending) with a certified voltage of 1500VDC. The series offers isolation voltage up to 4000VAC and high reliability, to effectively protect the safety of the system.

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