Rail-less solar mounting system

15 Jul 2018

Magerack has improved its rail-less solar mounting products and now adds a new rail-less solar mounting system to its product line, MageMount II. MageMount II Rail-less Solar Mounting System is now compatible with most solar modules with regular module frames. Similar to previous system MageMount, it separates roof attachments from module connecting components. Roof attachments are only used to attach solar modules to the roof and are installed wherever necessary to reduce the number of roof penetrations. Module connectors are only used to connect adjacent solar modules. The improved module connectors can connect two solar modules without roof attachment support and doesn’t require any special module frame. The new module brackets act as attaching devices to attach any roof attachments to solar modules. The system is certified in compliance with UL 2703 and Class ‘A’ fire rating and comes with roof attachments for all roof types.

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