Off-grid primary power fuel cell solution

15 Jul 2018

GenCell Energy’s GenCell A5 is a fuel cell solution which creates hydrogen-on-demand from low-cost ammonia fuel. Designed to provide cost-effective, ultra-reliable power for off-grid and poor-grid telecom base stations, the GenCell A5 fuel cell solution overcomes the high-costs of powering rural telecoms. When compared to using conventional diesel generator solutions over a 10-year period, the GenCell A5 solution can reduce OPEX costs of Tower Management Companies (Towercos) and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) by up to $250M across 1,000 towers. Further reducing the OPEX costs for Towercos and MNOs, the new GenCell A5 off-grid power solution requires minimal maintenance. A single 12-ton tank of ammonia provides the GenCell A5 with enough fuel for a year of 24/7 operation. The proprietary GenCell IoT Remote Manager enables remote diagnostics and monitoring of each fuel cell device, reducing the frequency and costs of onsite engineer visits.

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