CellCube Installs Energy Storage System in New York

11 Jul 2018

CellCube Energy Storage Systems Inc. ("CellCube" or the "Company") (CSE: CUBE) (CSE: CUBE.CN) (OTCQB: CECBF) (Frankfurt: 01X) is pleased to announce that the first of two CellCube energy storage systems was installed at O'Connell Electric in Victor, New York. The battery will be part of a micro-grid solar plus storage system to maximize the use of energy and lower costs by 30-40%.

The microgrid is an alternative energy generation system for utilities, commercial and industrial businesses. The normal use of grid power is supplemented with a renewable source such as solar or wind. The energy storage component insures smooth operation during peak hours and intermittent power from renewable sources.

"Our reason for installing the CellCube battery is to assist in the management of our peak demand costs and maximize the solar PV that we have installed at our corporate office in Victor, New York," says Lane Young, Solar Division Manager of O'Connell Electric. "We are committed to the hybrid solar, plus storage solution, for our clients. This installation site will also serve as a 'show and tell' for all our potential customers. The collection of data will be used as a case study to advance the use of solar with the addition of storage."

O'Connell Electric will use the second CellCube battery as a demonstration system with the intention to become the North Eastern US agent for sales and installation of the CellCube storage systems.

Stefan Schauss, President of CellCube stated: "We are excited to have been selected by O'Connell Electric to have them feature our CellCube product and for them to be our North Eastern US agents. We believe that CellCube energy solutions will quickly become an integral part of future energy infrastructure solutions worldwide."

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