Inergy Launches Empower Puerto Rico to Bring Renewable Power to Hurricane Victi

10 Jul 2018

Inergy—the Idaho-based renewable power company—has made a bold promise with its new campaign #EmpowerPuertoRico. Through July 22th, Inergy will donate a solar-powered generator kit to a family in Puerto Rico for each kit purchased through the Empower Puerto Rico program. The kits will provide critical power for refrigeration, lights, medical equipment and cooling fans to families still without power more than nine months post-Hurricane Maria. 

“Since September of last year, thousands of people in Puerto Rico have been living without power. Most people can’t imagine living without power for one day, but in Puerto Rico it has been 290 days,” said Sean Luangrath, CEO, Inergy, and former refugee from the Communist takeover of Laos in the late 70s who understands what it’s like to live without reliable power. “Inergy recently visited Puerto Rico to provide assistance with renewable power. When I saw the current state of affairs in Puerto Rico it was like an instant rewind to the refugee camps of Thailand. We knew we had to act; we created the Empower program as a way to help right now, and when future storms threaten the power grid.” 

Rebuilding infrastructure in remote places like Puerto Rico is difficult, but Inergy’s lightweight, portable solar powered generator, the Kodiak, can provide power while infrastructure is still being rebuilt. The 20-lb. Kodiak stores energy captured from the sun using solar panels and is capable of powering a refrigerator both day and night for extended periods, or even medical equipment necessary to sustain life. “The Kodiak brings reliable power to any location the sun touches, and replaces power where it has been lost,” said Luangrath. “In places like Puerto Rico, where power infrastructure has been lost due to a natural disaster, this portable system can provide the means necessary for people to get back on their feet, and back to a normal life.” 

Hurricane Maria struck the island of Puerto Rico on September 20, 2017, and more than nine months later, estimates show that more than 11,000 people remain without power going into the 2018 hurricane season, leaving an already-vulnerable group in significant danger. “We rely on electricity for so many things, like refrigeration, cooling, heating, and life-saving and life-sustaining medical devices,” said Luangrath. “What we take for granted where power infrastructure is secure, is now a life or death matter for the people of Puerto Rico.” To help a family in Puerto Rico, visit the Empower Puerto Rico program web site to learn more about the “buy one, donate one” program. 

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