Mosaic Partners with Amicus Solar Cooperative to Offer Preferred Financing Benefits to Amicus Members Nationwide

10 Jul 2018

Mosaic, America's leading provider of home energy financing solutions, announced it has partnered with Amicus Solar, a member-owned cooperative comprised of approximately 50 regional solar energy companies, to provide Amicus members with access to Mosaic's tool suite for financing the modern home. With this partnership, Amicus will utilize Mosaic's industry-leading platform and financial products to enhance their best-in-class customer experience to their home energy customers.

Mosaic's platform was crafted exclusively for partners and customers to create the simplest, most seamless way to finance upgrades to the modern home. The easy to use partner portal gives installers access to an array of tools and financing products to scale their businesses and help their customers achieve energy independence.

"We are excited to provide our partners with the best financing tools available to help grow their businesses and further our mission of delivering 100 percent clean energy for all," said Billy Parish, founder and CEO of Mosaic. "We are especially pleased about this partnership because, like Mosaic, Amicus is a mission-driven organization dedicated to democratizing access to clean energy."

Boulder, Colorado-based Amicus is jointly owned and managed by its member companies of solar installers, integrators, EPCs and developers. The co-op is comprised of leading regional companies pooling its purchasing power, best practices, and industry expertise to enjoy the benefits of a large national corporation, while allowing its members to remain independently owned and operated. Amicus is a public benefit corporation whose members share a common vision and mission that differentiates their services while driving the industry forward.

"We strive to partner with industry leading finance providers like Mosaic, who make it possible for our members to provide their customers with a competitive loan product and a delightful experience," said Stephen Irvin, CEO of Amicus. "The average age of our member companies is 16 years and many are pioneers in the solar industry, so partnering with a veteran residential finance platform like Mosaic was a natural fit." 

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