Sol-Ark 8K Sets World Records for Efficiency in 48V Battery Based Inverter Class

03 Jul 2018

The Design: After several successful products, the Sol-Ark engineering team set out to build the perfect inverter. We discarded traditional design methodologies of DC Coupled and AC Coupled battery systems. We reduced the cost [over 25%] by combining all  of the electronics into a single DC Transformerless system. The Transformers are needed for power conversion and 120/240V split phase in/out, but they are massive, expensive, and create lots of wasted energy. Eliminating transformers allowed us to achieve 96.5% efficiency. That is unbelievably high while using low cost (affordable) 48V external batteries. Several expensive 380V battery solutions claim high efficiency but fail to include the 380V conversion losses to 50V in the battery. Our engineers have been invited to present their new design methodology at Intersolar 2018 and  Solar Power International 2018 in Anaheim California

Getting High Peak Power for those Big Motors in an off-Grid environment: Battery Grid Tied designs have good continuous power selling back to the Grid, but sacrifice peak power for starting motors Off Grid. Peak Power is why traditional DC Coupled inverters continue to dominate Off Grid applications. Even though the Sol-Ark 8K has good continuous Grid Tie power, we doubled the components for excellent peak power Off Grid to 20KW! The 20KW peak power was expensive, but it improves long term reliability and cooling of the system.

Best System for our Off-Grid families: Since we have such a large customer base that lives Off Grid, we incorporated programmable loads for running A/C and hot water on solar power instead of batteries (adding years to their lifespan). One of the single biggest problems Off Grid is knowing how much battery capacity you have left. Am I going to have enough power if it rains tomorrow? Well, not to worry. We incorporated a proprietary % battery learning algorithm that accounts for aging batteries.

Great Ease of Use: So the average consumer could understand operation, we used a color touchscreen display and remote monitoring. Sol-Ark 8K was designed to be the easiest battery solar install ever, so even customers could DIY if they desired.

The Best EMP hardening you know and trust: Because our background [top secret defense contractors], we hardened the Sol-Ark 8K against EMP, Solar Flare, and cyber-attack. Independent government labs hit Sol-Ark 8K ~140 times at twice the military levels (100KV/m) without damage to the inverter, appliances, or panels.

Sol-Ark is a Veteran-owned company that provides value and energy insurance for its customers.

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