Nilar Showcases their New Product Series, the Nilar EC

27 Jun 2018

Nilar develops and manufactures powerful and advanced NiMH battery energy storage solutions - from battery cell to functional system. The batteries are based on a bi-polar design, where cells are laid horizontally and stacked on top of one another to gain maximum space efficiency. Nilar battery systems contains water-based, non-flammable electrolyte. Therefore, electrodes cannot ignite spontaneously and will not cause catastrophic heat propagation.

As part of the exhibition, Nilar will be showcasing their new battery, the Nilar EC. The Nilar EC has been developed to handle the energy storage demands of key applications and deliver on the growing need for reliable peak shaving and time shifting solutions. Nilar offers a safer, more reliable and greener unit that can operate on a wide temperature range, with high power and a long calendar life.

The core values of the development process of the Nilar EC are safety-first, environmental consciousness and high performance across a wide temperature range. The Head of R&D, Anders Tangen, stated, "I'm really proud of the innovations that have an environmental impact. For instance, we have cut down the amount of plastic from 210 g to 61 g per battery. With our expected sales volumes that's an enormous saving in plastic. And as reducing the environmental footprint of batteries is one of our corporate goals, this is a great step in the right direction."

With the Nilar EC, Nilar offers small to medium scale solutions in a number of configurations that are ideal for safe energy storage in homes, businesses, apartment blocks and housing estates. Each solution is modular and can easily scale to meet increasing energy demands.

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