Mersen Announces the Release of Product Recognition App

27 Jun 2018

Mersen announces the release of the industry’s first product recognition app to use a photo to identify and suggest a product cross reference based on the image. 

This industry-first feature gives the user the option to search for a competitive cross reference via direct text input or photo recognition. Simply use a mobile device to scan the fuse into the app for identification. Mersen’s Product Recognition App will do the rest and suggest a match based on the photo. 

Mersen’s NEW Product Recognition App lets users: 

* Search for a product via photo or text input 

* Identifies Mersen and competitive products 

* Locates Mersen Sales Representatives nearest the user based on GPS location 

* Selects proper motor and transformer fuse sizing based on user input 

Mersen’s application experts developed this app in response to challenges faced by customers and electrical professionals who wanted a quicker way to identify and select our products. 

“More and more electrical professionals use their smartphone or tablet devices in their day-to-day work activities. It just made sense to harness the latest in digital technology and develop a tool like this for them,” says Kent Walker, Mersen’s VP Solutions Engineering & Technical Services, USA/Canada. 

The Mersen Product Recognition App also gives users the option to enter voltage, horse power or KVA rating details into an easy-to-use template to find proper protection for their motors and transformers to meet NEC requirements.

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