BelGAS Ready for Strict Federal Farm Tap Testing Rules

26 Jun 2018

The federal government is now requiring the pressure regulators on farm tap natural gas pipelines to be inspected and tested a minimum of once every three years. The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) amended the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) to reflect the change (for more information, read the AGA’s update on 49 CFR section 192.740). Prior to this, there was no set time limit. The natural gas industry anticipates increased demand for regulators as a result. 

BelGAS was ready for this new regulation and, in response, ramped up manufacture of its P627 low and high pressure regulator and the R627 pressure relief regulator with internal valve for reliable protection against over pressurization. These spring-loaded, direct-operated, low and high gas pressure regulators provide durability with their powder-coated epoxy exterior finishes as well as installation versatility owing to the multi-position body and spring case configurations.

An optional external pressure registration model (P627M) is also available, as are models with NACE-compliant construction. Other options include the choice of aluminum, steel, or LCC body and bonnet and diaphragm cases. BelGAS gas pressure regulators also feature a wide range of flow capacities to suit a broad scope of requirements.

BelGAS offers fast shipping, ISO 9001:2015 certification, and the confidence that our regulators are made and tested in the U.S. at our plant in Newell, W.Va. The BelGAS P627 and R627 provide a cost-effective way to stay compliant with federal law and, more importantly, to protect the safety of rural natural gas customers living in proximity to farm taps.

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