Leading FL Solar Installer, 3D Solar, 1st to Use New Fast, Easy Waterproof Installation from Quick Mount PV

11 Jun 2018

3D Solar, a Florida-based solar contractor, and Quick Mount PV, a manufacturer of waterproof mounting and racking systems, announced that 3D Solar has installed the nation’s first Quick Mount PV QRail Racking System. QRail is an innovative new rooftop racking system, with patented QClick and QSplice technologies that simplify and speed up installation. QRail combines with Quick Mount PV’s industry-leading waterproof mounts to create a complete, fully-integrated racking and mounting solution for installing solar PV modules on any roof. 

"Quality and integrity are what set 3D Solar apart,” said 3D Solar Owner and CEO David Ringo. “We're so excited to be the first in the nation to deploy Quick Mount’s new QRails. Our installers have told us that this system makes the installation process easier, faster and more efficient. QRail enables us to better serve our customers, providing them with the best waterproof solar mounting systems in the industry. Quick Mount PV products are a great fit with our approach to solar: going above and beyond to ensure every job is completed to our highest standards. With best-in-class, products, hard work, superior customer service and a passion for creating sustainable energy solutions, we’re extremely focused on keeping our clients happy – and stand behind our work with a 25-year warranty. Quick Mount PV QRail systems enhance our efforts, resulting in superior solar arrays.”

Zac Smith, an installer for 3D Solar agreed, "I don't want to use anything else. QRail is quicker and easier than anything on the market.”

“We’re thrilled that 3D Solar is installing solar rooftop arrays with our new QRail racking system,” said Quick Mount PV CEO Claudia Wentworth. “With QRail, we now have what our customers have been requesting: a comprehensive, cost-effective single-source solution for solar installation on all roof types. And because of the QClick and QSplice technologies, solar installers will find that QRail exceeds their expectations for quality and ease of installation.” 

The patented QClick technology enables module clamps to easily click into the rail channel and remain in an upright position, ready to accept the module. QRail’s QSplice is the fastest, most efficient splice in the industry — a tool free, bonded, fully-structural splice that installs in seconds with no tools or extra hardware required. 

David Ringo added:  “We’re so confident in the flashing system that we have decided to offer Florida's best solar rooftop installation warranty: 25 years. Quick Mount PV’s products really raise the bar for solar installations."

3D Solar | http://www.3-dsolar.com