CellCube Energy Storage Systems Inc. Engages 5W Public Relations of New York

05 Jun 2018

5W Public Relations, one of the 10 largest independently owned public relations firms in the United States, has been named PR Agency of Record for CellCube Energy Storage Systems Inc., (CSE: CUBE.CN)(CSE: CUBE)(OTCQB: STNUF) one of the world's largest manufacturers and distributors of vanadium redox flow batteries for the energy storage industry.

"CellCube has a tremendous story to tell - a story of explosive growth and rare expertise in the renewable energy and vanadium redox flow battery space," said Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5W Public Relations. "We look forward to working with CellCube's team in order to increase brand and company awareness among green energy producers, the investment community and the greater general public."

Traditionally, vanadium has been used in the production of steel to increase its strength and lower its weight. However, the demand for vanadium has recently increased significantly with the growing use of vanadium redox flow batteries. Vanadium prices are up over 200% since the start of 2017. Most of the world's vanadium is produced in China, Russia and South Africa. There are currently no North American producers.

“5W Public Relations is known for delivering impactful results that amplify a company's presence within its industry and with the investment community. We are excited to be partnering with their team to promote CellCube's influence within the vanadium market, while also promoting our own value and commitment to the production of clean energy," added Brian Stecyk, President of CellCube.

There are currently over 100 CellCube batteries in use globally. CellCube vanadium redox flow batteries are used for a variety of purposes including grid storage; microgrids; off-grid storage for solar and wind power; diesel power replacement; back-up power systems; farming applications; electrical vehicle charging stations; industrial plants and office building applications; and emergency power sources.

5W Public Relations | http://www.5wpr.com

CellCube Energy Storage Systems | http://www.cellcubeenergystoarge.com