ScottMadden Releases Latest Semi-Annual Energy Industry Update to Assess Corporate Renewable Power Purchase Agreements as a Boost for Renewable Energy Development

30 May 2018

ScottMadden, Inc., one of North America’s leading energy consulting firms, has released its latest edition of The Energy Industry Update (EIU). Themed “Recalibration,” this report will give you bottom-line insights, distill recent events, and help you “recalibrate” as our industry anticipates, and creates, the next “new normal.”

A growing number of corporations are using power purchase agreements (PPAs) to procure clean energy directly from renewable energy producers, in some cases sourcing most or all of their energy needs. Corporate procurement of renewable energy can be quite different than other purchases, including traditional energy purchases. What are the current trends and types of corporate renewable PPAs? What risks should corporate buyers consider? What is the outlook? Dive into the latest Update to learn more about rising corporate renewable power purchases and the risks associated with them.

“This is an interesting topic because capacity covered by corporate renewable PPAs now significantly exceeds capacity associated with green utility tariffs. This market segment is positioned for continued growth as major corporations transition from meeting initial internal goals to engaging their supply chain partners,” says Paul Quinlan, clean tech manager at ScottMadden.

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