5th from GE joins Sentient Team

23 May 2018

The fifth former GE technology leader has joined the Sentient Science executive team. Dr. Adam Rasheed has taken the role of Chief Product Officer and will lead the integration of value-creating life extension, or LifeX, actions between equipment operators and suppliers within the energy and transportation industries.

Sentient Science’s DigitalClone Platform disrupts the traditional pipeline business model between equipment manufacturer and equipment owner/operator through its unique materials science-based life extension software. Sentient’s flagship product, DigitalClone, combines materials science with data science to predict the life of field equipment and provide LifeX actions that prevent consequential damage, extend life and lower the cost of operations.

For example, a 1.5MW-rated wind turbine generates on average $300,000 in annual revenue. Operators digitalized with DigitalClone, use the platform’s LifeX actions to achieve up to $39,000 savings per turbine per year. Today, DigitalClone users accomplish between $3,000 to $4,000 of savings per turbine per year using the software for gearbox and main bearing prognostics and life extension. By the end of 2018, Sentient will be adding blades and generators for additional savings on the cost of revenue. The savings scale up as new major and minor components and supplier offerings are integrated within the platform. Data Science-only solutions garner on average between 1% and 2% annual savings.

“Since my start date, I’ve really enjoyed leading the team in the implementation of the product vision,” said Rasheed. “Our platform brings together operators and suppliers to make the best decisions for maximizing the productivity of fielded assets. Traditional gatekeepers will no longer control the purchasing decisions. Instead, the operator will have greater freedom to select services and products based on life, as opposed to just price and delivery.”

Prior to joining Sentient Science, Dr. Rasheed was Digital Technology Leader at the Baker Hughes GE Oil & Gas Technology Center (formerly GE Global Research). He brings more than 20 years of experience in early to mid-stage technology development spanning both industrial and digital domains.

According to Ward Thomas, CEO of Sentient Science, “Dr. Rasheed has a rare skillset that combines deep scientific and practical engineering technical experience with development of asset life-cycle analytics for industrial applications. He has led digital strategy and software development, and his ability to work across an organization’s multiple disciplines will be critical in helping Sentient prioritize, tackle and execute on the integration of asset actions within our software platform.”

Prior to the Digital Technology Leader role at BHGE, Dr. Rasheed was a Principal Researcher at GE Global Research leading the development of analytics for GE’s Aviation and Oil & Gas business units. Prior to that, he led the experimental team for the GE’s Advanced Propulsion AT program, which pushed the boundaries of pulse detonation technology, including a GE-NASA collaboration to demonstrate the world’s largest hybrid pulse detonation turbine. He also led the team that established GE Global Research’s 400hp Single Cylinder Diesel Engine laboratory in support of GE Transportation. Prior to GE, Adam developed condition-based maintenance software and analytics for the Canadian Airforce’s GE404 engines.

Dr. Rasheed holds a Ph.D. in Aeronautics from Caltech with a minor in Business, Economics and Management. Recognized by MIT Technology Review Magazine as one of the “World’s Top 35 Innovators”, he was also awarded the AIAA Sperry Award for career contributions in aeronautics. He was honored by the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) and represented the U.S. at the inaugural NAE US-China Symposium. He has more than 50 patents applications and 100 technical publications relating to analytics, operations optimization, artificial lift, pulse detonation, hypersonics, shock-wave induced mixing, space medicine, and innovation.

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