SmartEnergi Launches High-Reliability Backup Electricity Service to Help Businesses and Governments Avoid Critical Interruptions

22 May 2018

SmartEnergi Corp, a leading developer of innovative energy storage solutions, announced the launch of its SmartEnergi Power Assurance Service (SPASTM), an energy backup and power resiliency service. This subscription-based service provides automated emergency electric power backup supply to help companies, hospitals and government agencies avoid interruption in their critical operations when power outages occur.

Businesses, hospitals, and government agencies know that even a short power outage can pose serious safety, security and financial risks. Traditional backup diesel generators are not only noisy and polluting but may not even work when urgently needed due to maintenance neglect. According to the Electric Power Research Institute, backup generators fail 20 to 30 percent of the time, while anecdotal evidence from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Army Corps of Engineers suggests failure rates as high as 50 percent.

SmartEnergi is now providing power backup as a service for a small monthly subscription fee. “We believe clients will soon think of SPAS as an insurance policy for their backup power services,” said SmartEnergi CEO Daniel Kumi. “We’ve developed proprietary software that helps clients understand the savings they can expect from our resiliency services, whether that client is a small office, a hospital or a whole community.”

“We designed SPAS to combine reliability and scalability with low operating expense,” said CTO and energy storage expert Dr. David Noye. “With SPAS, private businesses, hospitals, and government agencies now have a flexible, faster and cheaper way to achieve electric power resilience to support critical operations when power from the grid is not available.”

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