Dynapower and Raychem RPG Announce Technology Transfer & Licensing Agreement to Bring Dynapower Energy Storage Technology to India and Neighboring SAARC Countries

22 May 2018

Dynapower and Raychem RPG are pleased to announce they have executed a technology transfer and licensing agreement to bring Dynapower’s energy storage inverter technology to India and neighboring SAARC countries. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently hailed energy storage of solar energy in India as, “[the] next big technological revolution.” 

“Dynapower is proud to work alongside Raychem RPG to help realize this revolution,” said Peter Pollak, Dynapower CEO. “For over 50 years we have deployed our power electronics around the world and pioneered the development of energy storage inverters, including the first UL-1741 listed smart inverter. We are excited to bring our technology and know-how to India as well as the SAARC countries as part of the agreement.”.

In announcing the agreement, Dynapower and Raychem RPG also announced the commissioning of India’s first 1MW microgrid featuring Dynapower’s CPS-1000 inverter at the Central Electronics Limited (CEL) facility in Sahibadad, Uttar Pradesh, India. CEL manufactures solar-photovoltaic (SPV) cells, modules and systems. The Central Electronics Limited microgrid project is a locally controllable power system composed of distributed generation combining solar and diesel gensets alongside energy storage connected to the main grid power system. The commercial and industrial microgrid can work both in on-grid connected mode for frequency regulation, PV smoothing and peak shaving to curb CEL’s electric bills, and in “islanded” grid forming mode in the case of a grid disturbance. The system features Dynapower’s patented Dynamic Transfer technology which monitors the grid and seamlessly transitions the CEL facility from grid-tied to back up battery power in the event of a grid disturbance.

“We selected Dynapower to partner with because of their global leadership with over 400 MWs of EMS PCS installed,” said Ramani Kasi, President & CEO —Raychem RPG Ltd. “Dynapower’s differentiated technology such as its patented Dynamic Transfer as well as their agile business model, unique positioning in the C&I segment (offering both inverters and fully-integrated systems) as well as their focus on solutions and aggressive growth mindset aligns perfectly with the Raychem RPG business model.”

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