Renewable Energy Leaders Meet in South Australia to Discuss Storage Trends

22 May 2018

International industry leaders in renewable energy and storage will meet in Adelaide for the 2018 Australian Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition.


The conference aims to highlight businesses that are paving the way for the energy industry’s transition to storage solutions at the residential, commercial and grid levels.

The show will also enable energy industry experts to see first hand and learn from South Australia’s expertise in clean energy generation and storage.

Sam Staples, AES Sales Manager and Conference Program Manager, said South Australia’s ongoing work in the renewable energy sector makes it the ideal location to host the event.

“Adelaide and South Australia have positioned themselves as national leaders in the push to modernise energy systems through the uptake of clean and efficient technologies,” Staples said.

“The state is well on its way to becoming 100 per cent renewable and energy storage is the key to achieving this benchmark.”

The conference in the South Australian capital comes as the state continues to build on its reputation as a global leader in the uptake of renewable energy and storage technology, which has seen the establishment of a number of key infrastructure projects including the world’s largest lithium ion battery built by Elon Musk’s Tesla in conjunction with French renewable energy company Neoen late last year.

South Australian silicon energy storage innovator 1414 Degrees launched an IPO this month that it expects could raise as much as $50 million for its storage technology that delivers an output of heat as well as electric power.

Earlier this year, SolarReserve’s $650 million Aurora Solar Energy Project received the green light, involving the development of a 150MW solar thermal plant in Port Augusta, the largest of it’s kind in the world.

Renewable sources in South Australia account for almost 50 per cent of the electricity generated in the state.

The conference will cover a range of sectors where energy storage solutions can be implemented including: agriculture, construction, mining, recycling, energy-storage solution and renewable-energy system providers, telecommunications, transport and utilities.

Discussions will be focused on individual needs-based energy storage solutions and technology for efficient energy usage.

Staples said the move to Australia’s clean-energy hotspot will provide unique opportunities for exhibitors and visitors, with additional exhibition zones, expanded workshop programs and energy storage site tours.

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