Ruigrok Flowerbulbs Introduces First All-Green Tulip and Related Sustainable Solar Project

14 May 2018

We know the future is green in terms of sustainability and energy. But, 'green' is also the future in tulips. 

Tulip Green Power

Tulip Green Power

'Green Power', the first all-green tulip, has been developed through extensive research and cross-breeding by Ruigrok Flowerbulbs of De Zilk, Netherlands. Because of the tulip's consistent green coloring, unusual shape and exceptional long-lasting characteristic, 'Green Power' was chosen by Ruigrok to multiply enough quantity for a limited release in small quantities in 2018. 'Green Power' will bloom for an outstanding six weeks or more in landscape beds. For more information about the new, all-green 'Green Power' tulip or to order bulbs from the initial limited release, email Christopher Ruigrok at

In keeping with their new 'Green Power' tulip, Ruigrok began an aggressive solar energy project in March 2018.  Ruigrok is installing 2,600 solar panels on warehouse roofs, which will produce approximately 7.5 megawatts of electricity per year. The solar energy will make the company self-sufficient for the majority of its energy needs. The sustainable solar project will be online by July 2018 to tap the summer sun's energy.

Ruigrok Flowerbulbs has been the trusted name in flowerbulbs since 1910. The company's American affiliate, A.D.R. Bulbs of Chester, New York, has imported choice bulbs directly from Ruigrok since 1946 for sale exclusively to the horticultural trade including greenhouse growers, landscapers, public gardens and garden centers throughout the U.S.A.and Canada. A.D.R. Bulbs offers the largest fall inventory of bulbs in the U.S. including tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, crocus and more with same day shipping on in-stock bulbs as well as pre-orders for next season. Each order is quality controlled with MR1 technology and receives complimentary job labeling and pre cooling.

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