Commentary: California First State to Mandate Solar

09 May 2018

Vivint Solar is one of the largest residential solar providers and has a strong presence within California. Below is a statement from Vivint Solar on the decision:

As one of the nation’s leading residential solar providers, we’d like to congratulate the state of California for building the foundation to adopt a forward-thinking approach to its renewable energy initiatives. After a unanimous vote, we believe this will be a great first step that all homeowners should support. Helping homes produce clean energy and utilizing smart home products is a win for consumers’ wallets, local air quality and a greener world. Vivint Solar applauds the decision from the California Energy Commission to move forward and will continue to provide solar PV and home batteries to California residents. California has demonstrated its commitment to building a clean energy-powered future, and we hope its leadership inspires other states to follow suit.

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