Abengoa Joins Over 1000MW Concentrated Solar Power Projects in Middle East & Africa

09 May 2018

As a global leader in the development and technological consultancy of concentrated solar power (CSP) projects, Abengoa is actively present in the high growth market of the Middle East and Afirca, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Morocco, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Israel, Jordan and Egypt. Till now, Abengoa has been invloved in the development, engineering, technology work of over 1000MW CSP projects in this region. 

For the world largest CSP plant, Dubai 700MW CSP plant in Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park Phase 4, Abengoa will play the role as technology provider for the three 200MW parabolic trough plants. 




As CSP Focus reports earlier, the 3rd CSP plant in South Africa Abengoa develops---100MW parabolic trough Xina Solar One will be officially launched soon this month. Prior to Xina, 100MW parabolic trough Kaxu and 50MW solar power tower Khi were both in operation starting from 2015 and 2016 separately.

During the upcoming CSP Focus MENA 2018 event in Marrakech, Morocco during June 27-28, which will be the can’t missing gathering for CSP industry players watching Middle East & North Africa region, Abengoa Energia will share on CSP plant participation and purchasing issues, the speakers are Mr. Pablo Albiach Martin, Proposal Manager, and Mr. Javier Pariente, VP Procurement.

Located in the Abu Dhabi desert, 100 MW Shams 1 is a reference in the region for being the first plant in the Middle East to use solar thermal technology. Abengoa has developed, constructed and taken care of the operation and maintenance of the plant, thereby allowing it to acquire unique experience in O&M desert environments. 


Shams-1 (UAE)

In the application of gas-solar combined cycle, Abengoa is responsible for the engineering, construction and execution in the projects like Waad Al Shamal (Saudi Arabia), 1390MW ISCCS with 50MW parabolic trough; Ain Beni Mathar (Morocco), 450 MW ISCC with 25MW trough; SPP1 Hassi R’mel (Algeria), 150 MW ISCC hybrid plant with 25MW trough in operation.


110MW Ashalim thermo-solar power station mirror arrays in Israel

Abengoa also constructed a desalination plant with reverse osmosis technology, in Bakra, Oman, with a capacity of 45.000 m3 of water per day which allows a supply of water to a town with more than 225,000 inhabitatnts.

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