Modernize and ActiveProspect Partner to Offer Certified Home Improvement Leads

08 May 2018

Modernize, Inc. (“Modernize”), the national leader in home improvement lead generation, and ActiveProspect, a SaaS provider of lead acquisition solutions, announced their partnership to offer the Modernize contractor network independently certified web leads using ActiveProspect’s TrustedForm product. The collaboration is the first of its kind in the home improvement space. 

TrustedForm protects companies from costly TCPA compliance violations by providing the highest standard of independent proof of consent available.  The solution meets a growing need in an environment where companies are increasingly required to document proof of prior express written consent to contact consumers. By implementing TrustedForm, Modernize is providing another layer of quality control for the leads they provide to contractors while extending additional privacy and security measures to homeowners using the platform.

“This partnership is a win-win for everyone who uses our site. Our network of contractors now has a guarantee that the lead they are receiving from us is legitimate and consensual.  Likewise, homeowners can rest assured that they won’t be receiving any solicitations or unwanted correspondence from our network,” said Jason Polka, Modernize CEO. “We are pleased to offer the TrustedForm product to our users as a continuation of our commitment to be an innovative leader in the home improvement lead generation industry.”

ActiveProspect created the lead certification category with the introduction of TrustedForm in 2010. TrustedForm issues a unique certificate that is stored with the lead record, and includes a video replay of what the consumer sees and how they interact with the web page when they submit a contact form. 

“We are thrilled to partner with Modernize as they continue to demonstrate leadership in the home improvement industry by providing TrustedForm Certified leads to their customers,” said Steve Rafferty, Founder and CEO of ActiveProspect. 

Horizon Solar, an early beneficiary of the collaboration, states, “We’ve been using Modernize for four years to grow our business. With the addition of ActiveProspect and TrustedForm, we’re able to more accurately identify viable leads enabling us to spend less time chasing dead-ends and more time converting the leads we receive from Modernize into paid jobs.”

Founded in 2006, Modernize is changing the way homeowners meet and partner with home improvement contractors, helping them compare quotes and source the best contracting service for residential projects.  

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