Studio 804, University of Kansas’ University School of Architecture & Design Project Showcases Its Newest Sustainable LEED Platinum Home at May 12th Open House

04 May 2018

On May 12th, Studio 804, a design-build program administered by the University of Kansas Department of Architecture & Design, is showcasing their latest LEED Platinum Building at an open house at 1220 East 12th Street in Lawrence, Kansas.  The Studio 804 program, regarded as a global leader in architectural education, has completed its eleven LEED Platinum buildings to date*.  Atop the newly completed home at 1220 East 12thStreet is a high-efficiency, aesthetic Solaria PowerXT solar array.  On Saturday, May 12th, from 9:00am - 2:00pm, Studio 804 will be hosting an open house for members of the public to preview this innovative, energy efficient new home.

“Studio 804’s mission is the deployment of sustainable building practices in a world that needs greater awareness of the importance of adapting to and maintaining the surrounding environment,” said Studio 804 Professor Dan Rockhill.  “We’re a unique higher education organization that designs and does all construction work in the production of modern buildings – and upon completion, sells the completed structures on the open market.  Our non-profit program isn’t subsidized by the University, so the opportunity to partner with philanthropic product donors is most welcome.  Solaria’s donation of its state-of-the-art solar modules is helping us meet our educational and program goals.  We’re very grateful for the support of the architectural, construction and building product industries; it is through this support that we are able to provide a model for others to understand and value the importance of sustainable design.”

"Solaria is thrilled to be championing this terrific University of Kansas Department of Architecture project," said Solaria CEO Suvi Sharma. "Our firm is deeply committed to combatting climate change; wider deployment of solar and other clean technologies is crucial to achieving these goals. This innovative Studio 804 structure is an exemplar that should be replicated by all builders to make homes and commercial properties as energy efficient and environmentally responsible as possible.  Solaria is proud to be contributing state-of-art Solaria PowerXT modules to this Studio 804 net zero energy project."  Solaria worked with RENVU, a leading solar distributor, on this project.

“We are confident that the clean power power generated by the eighteen PowerXT 320W solar modules will significantly offset the electric consumption of this home,” noted Rockhill.  “We tie our system into the net metering concept, which many U.S. property owners can leverage to offset their own energy consumption. We are indebted to Solaria for their support, and encourage others to deploy their high-performance products. We invite members of the public to attend our open house event on the 12thof May, where the energy efficient and sustainable products and technologies used in our project can be viewed firsthand.”

Solaria’s high output PowerXT modules are built on the company’s proprietary technology, which utilizes advanced cell interconnect and module production processes. Through these patented technology / techniques, Solaria has created a new standard in PV module efficiency and reduction in system costs. Providing labor savings on racking and system components, PowerXT modules significantly boost power generation while eliminating reliability challenges that can reduce conventional PV modules’ long-term performance. This ensures that solar installers maximize power deployment on customer roofs – enabling them to install attractive, cost-effective distributed power plants that accelerate payback period and profitability.  

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