Hybrid inverter for residential solar power backup applications

15 May 2018

Based on Delta's transformer-less (TL) solar inverter series, the residential E-Series consists of the E6, E8, and E10 models, which have maximum output power levels of 6,000VA, 8,000VA, and 10,000VA. These Delta systems with built-in solar inverters integrate power conditioning capabilities for power back-up applications, and can supply power directly to the home, grid, or energy storage systems. The E-Series is compatible with both DC and AC coupled for high- and low-voltage batteries, as well as standalone applications. With the ability to support a wide variety battery backup systems and predefined energy management applications, the E-Series increases the ROI of a homeowner's entire solar system. With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatibility, as well as a user-friendly human machine interface (HMI), the E-Series supports cloud-based data collecting, provides transparency into system operations, and is capable of performing remote firmware upgrades, reducing the need for on-site support visits. Simple wiring creates a quick and easy installation experience, taking 15 minutes from start to finish, including system configuration. Designed in compliance with UL1741SA testing to fulfill HECO and California Rule 21 conditions, the E Series is able to effectively operate in the smart grid environment. The E series also offers a high accuracy, integrated optional revenue grade meter (RGM) that complies with ANSI standards.

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Volume: 2018 May/June