The Cleanie Awards Launch the First Comprehensive Awards for the Cleantech Industry

01 May 2018

The Cleanie Awards launches the first comprehensive awards program focused exclusively on the cleantech industry. In its inaugural year, The Cleanie Awards sets out to recognize innovation excellence, business leadership and superior outreach campaigns. Corporations, disruptive startups and individuals responsible for leading the industry and advocates making an impact are all encouraged to apply.

The Cleanie Awards are broken into two categories: Best of the Yearas well as Marketing and Communications. The Best of the Year awards recognizes individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the industry while the Marketing and Communications awards focus on highlighting outreach efforts communicating the value of industry innovation and impact of issues advocacy.

Submissions are being accepted through June 29. All submissions will be judged by a prominent panel of respected industry executives, marketers, advocates, entrepreneurs and educators. The complete judging list will be announced later this spring.

Winners will be announced in September. Grand Prize and Gold level winners will receive a Cleanie Award trophy. Silver, Bronze and Honorable Mention winners will receive a certificate of award.

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