EnerBlu, a New Energy Leader, Names Darren Marino as CFO

27 Apr 2018

EnerBlu, Inc., a high-power energy-storage solution company focusing on electric transportation, PV hybrid microgrid, power grid and genset hybridization, has named Darren Marino as Chief Financial Officer. This accomplished corporate development and finance executive possesses exceptional team-building skills and a successful track record in negotiating and securing international transactions and strategic alliances.

"One of our primary goals has been to build a team who not only has the business acumen and foresight to help drive our business into the future, but one that has a strong sense of corporate morality and the desire to positively impact the community and environment as well," stated Michael Weber, EnerBlu's executive chairman. 

EnerBlu President and Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Elliott, added, "Darren fits perfectly with what we are trying to create. Moreover, it is impossible to overstate the importance of having a strong fiscal manager to a company in our early stage development position. Darren's experiences demonstrate that he played a critical role in the domestic and global successes achieved with the large companies he worked for in the past. With his professional experience and financial acumen, we could not have chosen a more qualified individual for this position."

Marino's diversified global business-development expertise spans technology, consumer products, telecommunications, entertainment, and banking. His professional experience spans public, private, cross-border, mergers and acquisitions, and both equity and debt-based investments, as well as complex financing structures.  He has been responsible for over 50 transactions valued at over $3 billion.  

"This was a no-brainer for me," commented Marino, "I was absolutely amazed by the EnerBlu team of executives, professionals, scientists, and engineers. We're assembling a team of thought leaders and innovators; their knowledge and understanding of, and commitment to not only participating in, but leading the new energy world is impressive and, in many ways, refreshing.  To this point, my career has centered on large corporations. I'm energized and excited to be part of something in its early stages of development.  We have learned from the successes and mistakes of other companies in our space and we will build a better and stronger company because of it. We are poised to become the market leader. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that? It is said that success is the intersection of opportunity and preparation.  I think there is no doubt that we are prepared and the opportunity right now is certainly compelling."

Mr. Marino has served in a variety of positions for companies such as Motorola Mobility, Inc., General Instrument Corp., Sony Music Entertainment Inc.; Citicorp; CBS Records, Inc., Columbia House Division; Bankers Trust Company; and GE Aerospace, Astro-Space Division.

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