Viridity Selects Dynapower Energy Storage Systems for two 20MW/20MWh Utility-Scale Projects

18 Apr 2018

Dynapower, a global leader in energy storage, is pleased to announce it has reached a master supplier agreement with Viridity Energy Solutions, Inc. to supply inverters and fully-integrated energy storage systems for utility-scale and behind the meter energy storage projects.  The first projects Viridity chose Dynapower for are two 20MW/20MWh stand-alone in-front-of-the-meter battery energy storage installations in New Jersey scheduled to come online in 2018.  These projects totaling 40MWs were designed and will be financed, constructed, owned and operated by Viridity.

2000 kW energy storage inverter 2200 kW energy storage inverter

CPS 2200kW Energy Storage Inverter

Each New Jersey site is identical and will use Dynapower’s utility-scale CPS-2200 inverters as part of Dynapower’s IPS-2200 utility-scale battery energy storage system (BESS). Dynapower’s fully integrated IPS-2200 includes inverters, batteries and enclosures, coordinating site controls and all battery thermal management. The system features AC and DC close-coupling, as well as advanced controls for battery protection during prolonged grid outages. Viridity’s engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) and owner will utilize its market leading VPowerTM software to provide the optimization, economic value stacking and automated control of the BESS to deliver the optimal economic return.

“We are pleased to partner with Viridity with the execution of our master supplier agreement and are excited to be building our first two utility-scale projects together,” said Dynapower President Adam Knudsen. “Viridity and their parent company Ormat Technologies are perfect partners for Dynapower to work alongside to continue our expansion in both the utility-scale and behind the meter energy storage markets. We look forward to working with Viridity to further the global deployment of energy storage.”

“Combining Dynapower’s proven inverter technology along with their capabilities in providing fully integrated battery energy storage systems fully compliments Viridity’s and Ormat’s engineering project management and market leading end-to-end energy management optimization and battery storage solutions.  The combination of Dynapower’s market leading technology with Viridity’s and Ormat’s EPC and business development capabilities will drive continued growth for both companies” said Viridity Energy Solutions CEO Mack Treece. Viridity, Ormat and Dynapower worked together to define the system design for the optimal operation and control of the battery system use and health in the PJM market.

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