SimpliPhi Power and OutBack Power Team Up with West Coast Sustainables to Power Governor Jerry Brown's Off-Grid Ranch

18 Apr 2018

A Solar+SimpliPhi+OutBack microgrid is now powering Governor Jerry Brown and his wife Anne's new home at their ranch north of Sacramento, Calif.

"Given his leadership in connection with climate change and renewable energy, one would expect Governor Brown to embrace solar+storage to power his home," says SimpliPhi CEO Catherine Von Burg. "But this microgrid was also motivated by an all-too-common reality: the electrical infrastructure serving the ranch's location in Colusa Countysimply didn't exist. Governor Brown, like 1.4 billion other people worldwide, did not have access to power for his home. Whether in remote areas of the United States, off grid regions worldwide, or natural disaster recovery zones, SimpliPhi specializes in delivering safe, reliable electricity so that no person or community has to do without."

Designed and installed by Jason Andrade of West Coast Sustainables, the Brown Ranch microgrid is comprised of 48 solar panels, producing 14 kilowatt-hours of electricity feeding renewable power into three OutBack Radian GS8048A inverter/chargers and 10 SimpliPhi PHI 3.4 kWh 48V batteries. A 24 kWh natural gas backup system is also installed for days when sunlight is limited.

"We chose the combination of SimpliPhi batteries and OutBack inverters because of the ability to easily expand the system when future ranch improvements demand more power, and because we trust the proven track record of both companies," said Andrade about his solar+storage partners.

"For homeowners seeking a solar+storage solution, OutBack's Radian and FXR series inverter/chargers, pre-wired FLEXpower systems and Advanced Battery Charging option provide both a simple, trouble-free installation and proven long-term performance," said Brandon Provalenko, vice president of commercial operations at OutBack Power. "Fully integrated microgrid installations like this one provide a compelling case study for the cost effectiveness and viability of renewable energy plus storage in providing reliable off-grid power."

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