SolarMax LED Outdoor Lighting Systems Make Parks Smarter and Safer in El Monte and Carson

14 Apr 2018

Two forward looking cities in LA County have cast new light - provided by SolarMax LED - on the fiscal challenge of replacing old, inefficient outdoor lighting systems. City councils in El Monte and Carson have approved installation of new wireless LED systems, part of a region-wide Smart & Safe Parks initiative that enhances public safety and energy conservation, while reducing maintenance costs. 

An innovative zero-down financing model from SolarMax LED enabled each city to minimize upfront investment and recover costs through improved operating efficiencies. Lead contractor ACS Group forecasted the estimated savings on the Mountain View project alone at more than $241,000 over the first five years.

In addition to the SolarMax LED component, the Smart & Safe Parks initiative includes a separate video surveillance camera system as well as an expanded community Wi-Fi network that will deliver broadband access to underserved residential neighborhoods and school districts. CIOPRO, a technology integration specialist, formed the consortium of partner companies involved in system build out.

The fully integrated system runs over a wireless network powered by Cisco Systems. Functionality enables facilities managers to remotely monitor and control variables such as LED lighting consumption, brightness, seasonality, and outages. City personnel can also use the software to position video surveillance cameras for optimal security.

CIOPRO principal Elias Cortez praised the visionary efforts of El Monte Mayor Andre Quintero and his counterpart in Carson, Albert Robles, in embracing the initiative. "Change starts at the top and leadership demonstrated their commitment to conservation and sustainability," said Mr. Cortez. "Smart & Safe Parks is much broader than achieving cost savings through the adoption of advanced technology.  It encompasses public safety, technical education, job creation, and even broadband access - in neighborhoods and schools that desperately need that connectivity."

Ching Liu, Executive Vice President of SolarMax LED, said "This initiative shows that innovation isn't simply restricted to R&D efforts inside corporations. Public agencies and educational institutions, in partnership with innovative private-sector companies, can - and are - doing things that light the way to the future."

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