Energy Systems Integration Group (ESIG) Announces 2018 Ross Newlin Annual Achievement Award Recipient

12 Apr 2018

Wind industry professional Stanton Peterson has been awarded the 2018 Ross Newlin Achievement Award, given by the Energy Systems Integration Group (ESIG) for his ongoing contributions to the advancement of the technical and operations sectors of the renewable energy industry.

The award, named after wind industry pioneer Ross Newlin, was presented during ESIG’s annual Spring Operations and Maintenance Users Group meeting recently held in Chicago, Ill.

Peterson, an engineer graduate from the University of Wyoming, has been with BP Wind for more than eleven years, serving in a variety of technical and operations roles. As a longtime member of ESIG, he was named chair of the group’s Clipper Roundtable in 2011. Ironically, Peterson was asked to assume this position at the request of Ross Newlin.

“The foundation of the Operations and Maintenance Users Group, which Ross Newlin helped construct, continues to build and grow through the efforts of our members,” said ESIG Operations and Maintenance Users Group Chair, Bjorn Hedges. “For years, Stanton has displayed a high level of commitment and leadership within the O&M Users Group.  Stanton's continued efforts have made a significant difference in our group and industry, for which all of ESIG members are thankful.”

The Ross Newlin Annual Achievement Award was created in 2012, when the board of directors named its Operations and Maintenance Annual Achievement Award after wind industry veteran Ross Newlin. Newlin, a long-time employee of enXco Service Corporation, now EDF Renewable Services, passed away in July 2011 following a battle with pancreatic cancer.

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