NRA Loss is U.S. Renewable Energy Association Gain

02 Apr 2018

United States Renewable Energy Association, LLC (USREA) announced its campaign to fill a void left by disassociation among companies previously affiliated with the National Rifle Association (NRA). By leveraging relationships among clean energy enthusiasts and NRA affiliate companies, there are significant opportunities to move the bar higher in renewable energy use and adoption.   

USREA is engaging companies, and ordinary Americans, to join together in promoting a positive clean energy message to America by partnering together as co-members of the USREA. Corporations ending their affiliation with the NRA are offered Preferred Affiliate Membership, which provide a unique opportunity for companies to offer discounts on products and services to all USREA Members while helping to promote renewable energy in the USA. 

Prospective companies include: 


First National Bank of Omaha 

Delta Airlines

United Airlines 

Allied Van Lines

North American Van Lines, Sirva 

Avis Budget Group


Alamo, Enterprise and National, Enterprise Holdings

Starkey Hearing Technologies



True Car



For example, an Affiliate car rental company may offer discounts on Chevy Volt or Toyota Prius car rental to USREA members as part of the USREA membership benefits. Retailers may offer discounts on energy efficient lighting or energy saving devices, and Utility providers may provide preferred services for Utility power provided by renewable energy solar or wind. As USREA grows, more member customers will have direct access to company affiliates through the Membership Discount Card Program.

By advocating for innovative companies that see a renewable energy future, USREA is working to power society with advanced, energy efficient technology. USREA works to shape regulatory policy in favor of clean technology for energy security solutions that reduce vulnerability to power disruptions from Geo-political, solar storm, or other natural and human caused events. Further, USREA educates future generations about the value of the sustainable technology industry by working with schools and higher learning. 

USREA is a membership organization, which includes everyday Americans, educational institutions, renewable enthusiasts, innovative renewable energy companies, and everyone in between.