Dynapower's BTM-250 to Power Microgrid at ESA Annual Conference & Expo

29 Mar 2018

Dynapower is proud to have our fully integrated energy storage system, the BTM-250, powering ESA’s demonstration microgrid on the show floor of the 28th Annual Conference and Expo in Boston April 18-20. Featuring Dynapower’s UL listed 1741 MPS-250 smart inverter integrated with Samsung SDI batteries, the fully integrated system contains all required protective features, as well as AC output breaker and battery thermal management, offering end users a cost advantage when compared to non-integrated systemsThe BTM-250 also features Dynapower’s patented Dynamic Transfer technology which seamlessly transitions from grid tied to battery backup power in the case of grid disturbance providing valuable grid resiliency for commercial, industrial and critical facilities. The system is available in 1, 2, 4 and 6-hour configurations and multiple systems can be paralleled together to meet the needs of larger installations.

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